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WHO are we?


We don't claim to be better. We claim to be different, agitators, disruptive. We are not looking for perfection, but rather for optimization.


iBIKE STUDIO is a project that aims to fill a serious gap that is increasingly evident in the current panorama of competitive and recreational cycling, which is the lack of duly accredited professionals, supported in the latest Scientific Evidence in the areas of Biomechanics, Aerodynamics and Sports Physiology.

In cycling, The athlete can display an incredible genetic predisposition, immaculate physical preparation, peak form and, even so, does not crosses the finish line in the first place, due to factors that cannot be controlled, such as tactics; weather conditions; crashes; feeding errors; etc.


There is always something that cannot be anticipated. What we can do is to provide you with the best tools, strategies and guidance so that you can be at the starting line with a clear mind and confident in all the work you have done. 

Sobre Nós: About

My journey.

hi, i'm Fernando Isaac!

I'm 31 years old, born and raised in Amarante. I have an Aerospace Engineering Degree and a Masters in Mechatronics Engineering. I'm currently undertaking the MIT Portugal Leaders for Technical Industries PhD, in collaboration with the Universidade do Minho. My thesis is related with the Multiphysics Modelling of Piezoelectric Sensors for Biomechanical Applications.


about me.

I am the CEO and co-founder of iBIKE STUDIO, a project where I was able to merge my two passions: cycling and engineering. My journey in the world of cycling began around 15 years ago, and since then I have been a regular practitioner of this sport, on an amateur basis, competing on both national and international races. I am someone who enjoys cycling and everything related to this sport, from its history and culture to the most recent technological breakthroughs and performance advancements. As an engineer, software and data analysis has always fascinated me. I test every technology to exhaustion, until there is nothing left to examine or optimize.


All with the purpose of providing the best advice and knowledge to other cyclists, so that everyone can enjoy a superior cycling experience.



  • Aerospace Engineering Degree – Instituto Superior Técnico

  • Master's Degree in Mechatronics Engineering  – Universidade do Minho

  • Leaders for Technical Industries PhD – MIT Portugal


  • ISCO Online Series – Integrating LEOMO into Bikefitting 

  • ISCO Online Series – Contact Point Biomechanics Level 1

  • ISCO Online Series – Contact Point Biomechanics Level 2

  • ISCO Online Series – Specifics of Triathlon and Time-Trial Positions

  • AeroLab Level 1 Certification Course

  • Strength Training for Cyclists and Triathletes 


  • Kinetic and Kinematics Analysis

  • Dynamics of Mechanical Systems

  • Differential and Integral Calculus

  • Computational Mathematics 

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Aerodynamics

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Sobre Nós: About
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